What kind of roller skates should I wear to glide on the asphalt?

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Skating on the road with inline skates requires wheels with the right amount of stiffness or better resilience. Tandem skating has many events that take place on indoor courts, such as figure skating and roller derby, roller skating, and going outside on the wheels of these events would give us a disastrous experience.

How to judge whether the wheel is suitable for outdoor sliding

  1. Squeeze with your fingers

    Squeeze the outer edge of the double pulley wheel with your thumb and forefinger, if you can compress at least 2mm, the wheel is soft and road-friendly.
  2. Rebound performance

    By dropping the wheel to the ground from a height of 50cm, if it bounces with a soft rather than “hard” noise and rolls a lot and rolls far, it is almost certainly a soft wheel suitable for the road.

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3. Poke with a fingernail or sharp object
Poke the friction surface of the wheel with fingernails or sharp objects, and the wheel can be dented at least 2mm, then this wheel is suitable.
If the above three tests are successful, I can be sure that you have a polyurethane wheel with a hardness between 78 and 83A, which is the ideal range for inline roller skates on asphalt roads. The higher the number, the stiffer and less comfortable the wheel, but faster on slick asphalt. Even on smooth asphalt roads, it is recommended that the maximum hardness of wheels for outdoor use should not exceed 88A.
4. Durometer
The official way to measure wheel hardness is with an analog measuring instrument called a durometer. It is an expensive and very precise tool because it has calibration values. How does it work? The rounded tip is shaped like a double nib, check 2mm from the flat surface (you can see it in the image below). The tip is sunk into the rubber until it stops, and the instrument measures the resistance on a scale indicator showing Shore A hardness from zero to 100A, where 100 is marble hardness.
Be sure not to use the brake pads at the back when learning roller skating! ! !

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Brush the street must learn how to stop safely, and wear a helmet and protective gear before hitting the road! ! !

T-brake A-brake Two of our commonly used brake stop methods are to use the friction force of the wheels to stop by increasing the friction force.

There are many variables on the road, and it is still very unsafe to rely on the brake pads alone.

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