There are more than 10 categories of roller skating sports, and the roller skates for women used in each category are different. Speaking of introductory roller skates for adults and college students, what are they like?

Choose hard shell flats. The reason is that:

Although hard-shell flat shoes are called flat shoes, they have more comprehensive functions. They are suitable for basic beginners, practice basic flat shoes, street wear, FSK can be worn, and brakes can be worn. It can be said that this type of shoes are entry-level all-round shoes, no matter which direction the novice develops, it can meet the needs of the early stage.

Some people also say that if the technical level of entry shoes has been improved for a period of time, it is necessary to change to more expensive shoes. It is better to choose better shoes with more than 1,000 yuan for the first pair! That’s right. But only for a small group of people! So many people, how many people can last until the time to change shoes?

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The direction is there. If you want to choose hard shell flat shoes, how to choose so many shoes?
1. Mature shoes
Choose a more mature shoe style. This kind of roller skates has been sold in the market for a certain number of years, and has been improved and upgraded many times. Such shoes are not too uncomfortable to wear and are suitable for most people’s feet. It is important to know that it is very important to wear comfortable shoes. The specific shoes will be introduced later.
2. Look at the configuration of the shoes
Hard-shell flat shoes are entry-level, with prices ranging from less than 100 yuan to four or five hundred, six or seven hundred. The price difference is four or five hundred, where is the difference? Two aspects, one is the use of materials and workmanship, and the other is the brand premium and dealer profits. We can generally see the quality of the shoes through the configuration. Such as wheel material, elasticity, grip, etc. Whether the tool holder is two-piece or one-piece, whether it is a die-casting process or an integrated CNC process, and whether the liner fits the feet, whether it is tight and thick, etc.

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  1. Differentiated functions

    Each brand and model of shoes will have some differences in details and functions, and these functions often bring a good sense of experience to those who need them. Therefore, you can pay attention to the differentiated functions of shoes and find what you need.