What should a real roller skater look like?

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A FREESKATER may be a SLALOM master, STREETER, DOWNHILL PLAYER, or a multi-year roller skating master who does not pursue action and often roller skating. In short, a FREESKATER is to slide as much as you want, without any constraints, without any technical restrictions. You can challenge the limits of the human body, or you can easily walk on the streets of the city. You can feel the roller skates, as if the shoes are on your feet. His sliding movements will make others look very comfortable. FREESKATE does not have a fixed style, it depends entirely on the individual, but generally speaking, it is very relaxed, elegant, laid-back and fluid.

A good FREESKATER is not just a person who is very strong in any action or project, some are very good SLALOMER or some STREET master who can do BACK SAVANA on 60 degree SPOT is not necessarily a good FREESKATER. Because he’s just strong at the moves he’s practicing, or the events he’s playing, his feet don’t necessarily really control his roller skates.

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Sometimes you don’t need to look at the movements of a skater to see the level of a skater, just look at his normal skating, look at the style, and look at the smoothness of his movements. The average master slides very naturally, smoothly, not strenuously, and very stable. Beginners, on the other hand, are more rigid, asking people to pick him up and squeeze his sweat, fearing that he will fall down at any time.
For example, to distinguish the level of a STREETER, you don’t need to see what moves he does. For example, it is very difficult for me to do a 5-meter UNITY SLIDE move, but BRIAN SHIMA makes a very simple UFO easily and you can see him stronger than me. This is because he does it effortlessly, and his movements are very smooth, which makes people feel comfortable to watch. No matter what game, the most crucial element of scoring is the STYLE style, fluency, and the difficulty of the movements are second. (Except for speed skating, where speed determines the outcome).

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A real FREESKATER should be a very comprehensive skater in all aspects of roller skating. For example, when you want to stop on the street, you can stop (the practice of SLIDE on flat ground), and you can jump over some relatively small obstacles. Can easily go up and down. Becoming a FREESKATER is mainly a matter of time. The more you slide, the more you will gradually “take root under your feet”, but more importantly, there are flat ground braking, jumping, and some block and U-pool practice.

SALOMON’s definition of FREESKATE is “TRANSFORMER LA VILLE EN UN TERRAIN DE JEU”, which means “turn the city you live in into your roller skating playground”.

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