What should children pay attention to when learning roller skating?

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  1. Learning time Generally speaking, children around 3 years old can start to learn roller skating, but age is not a certain measure, the most important thing depends on the child’s “foot strength”. The easiest way to judge is to let the child wear roller skates. If the child can lift his feet, it means that the child has enough foot mechanics to roller skate; if the child can’t move after wearing roller skates for women, it means that the child is currently Not suitable for learning roller skating. Experts recommend that children who are too young should not be encouraged to learn roller skating in principle, so as not to hurt their immature feet. Children over the age of 3 already know how to reflect the needs of learning, can express their own ideas, and have a strong learning ability, which is more suitable for learning roller skating.
  2. Safe fall “Falling” is inevitable in the process of learning roller skating. Although there is a protective gear, if you can understand how to reduce the impact of falling, you can also greatly reduce the degree of injury. In addition, it is also very important to warm up before playing. It is best to do simple gymnastics, running and running. A full warm-up can avoid muscle strain or joint injury. In fact, parents should not ignore the importance of warming up before taking their children out for any exercise.

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3. The most important thing about wearing protective gear in any activity is safety. As far as roller skating is concerned, not wearing protective gear is the biggest safety hazard. Without protective gear, it is easy to bruise your head or drop your leg. Experts said that roller skating itself is not dangerous. Failure to establish a correct concept of self-protection and the habit of wearing protective gear is the cause of injury. Parents must not be careless or forget it.

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  1. When parents accompany their children to learn roller skating in the early stage, it is ideal for parents to learn together. Parent-child learning together can reduce the generation gap and estrangement between each other, and at the same time, it will also increase many common topics and make the parent-child relationship closer. However, it is not easy for most parents to do it. One is that they have no time, and the other is that they are very excited at the beginning. After they gradually find that their learning speed is not as good as that of their children, they may refuse to continue learning because of embarrassment. Some parents are afraid of falling, Afraid of the pain, I gave up the opportunity to play and grow with my children. It is also good if parents can practice roller skating with their beginners, because beginners are easy to fall, and the first object of search when a child falls is parents. If parents can give care and encouragement at the first time, it can help Children build confidence in learning.

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