What should children pay attention to when learning roller skating?

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Time: In the process of general retraining, children should control that they should not continue to practice for a long time. Basically, it is the principle of many times and less time. You can practice more, and each time should not be too long. Generally, the continuous practice is about 45 minutes, and try not to exceed 1. The younger the age, the lower the time intensity. Don’t not play at ordinary times, and then seize an opportunity to play hard. Excessive fatigue is harmful. If the coach has a reasonable time to arrange training, the time can be increased.

Intensity: enough, children should not train with high intensity, and maintain a certain intensity within the limit of physical fatigue, so as to achieve the limit of muscle stimulation and enhance strength.

Venue: Generally, a flat road is required, and the rough or bumpy ground is not suitable. Because of the developmental characteristics of children, too strong vibration will have an adverse effect on the cartilage tissue of the joints, which may affect development; general advice Practice on a wide, flat square.

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Safety: This factor is very important, because roller skating is a risky sport, and safety awareness must be established from the beginning. This is sometimes overlooked by many parents themselves. Children playing roller skating must wear helmets and protective gear. Strong sense of self-protection. In the case of ensuring safety, special circumstances may allow no or less wearing.
Equipment: This problem can play the same role as technical guidance in the learning process of children’s roller skating. Because of the characteristics of physical development of children under the age of 5, the general physical strength is poor, and the ankle control ability is relatively limited, so the equipment is not suitable for use. The dependence will be great. Now the roller skates on the market are of mixed quality and the price varies greatly. For young learners, it is generally recommended to choose high-quality roller skates with stable performance. I will not elaborate on these here. Interested Parents of parents can contact me for consultation, and I will also post relevant equipment suggestions when I have the opportunity in the future. The general principle is that the younger the age, the higher the requirements for equipment, especially roller skates for women.

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The last important factor is to choose a good coach: because there are many favorable learning factors for young practitioners, as well as many objective physical development constraints, it can be accepted from the beginning. , Formal training is very important, on the one hand, it can speed up the training of learning time and interest. On the other hand, it can avoid the difficulty of correcting movements in the future due to wrong habits at the beginning. Correcting movements are generally more difficult than learning movements. A good coach is not only skating and responsible, but more importantly, can communicate and communicate effectively with children, and provide targeted guidance according to their own characteristics.

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