What should I do if I fall in roller skating?

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Wrestling is inevitable in the process of learning roller skating, but the correct wrestling method is actually a kind of self-protection.

  1. Under any circumstance, the center of gravity is unstable, you should quickly bend your knees and bend your waist, your abdomen should stick to your thighs as much as possible, and use your hands to cushion the ground to reduce the force of falling;
  2. Try to fall forward or sideways, and avoid falling backwards and backwards. When sliding, the center of gravity should be forward, and both hands can hold the knees or put them forward.
  3. When you want to fall backwards, you should also take the initiative to bend your knees and squat down, lower your center of gravity, and try to let your hips sit first;
  4. When you fall, you should try to avoid putting your straight arm on the ground with one hand, which will easily damage your wrist.

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5. When falling, you should bend your elbows and knees after your hands are on the ground. If the inertia is too large, you can roll sideways to ease the sudden impact. Beginners, please remember to wear elbow pads, wrist pads, and knee pads;
6. When you fall, you should protect yourself. You can use a fixed support, but remember to pull your partner, because it will cause the group to fall and may cause secondary damage.
7. In the event of a fall, the wound should be simply disinfected. If there is swelling and other pain in the affected area, you should stop roller skating immediately, give appropriate ice compresses, do not rub the wound, or seek medical attention in time.

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Balance is the foundation of mastering roller skating. Beginners in roller skating start with practicing balance. The specific methods are:

  1. Step on the spot, practice static balance, and be familiar with the performance of roller skating.
  2. Practice balance with the help of external support. The coaches help each other or support on the support such as the bar around you, move back and forth, left and right, and practice balance skills. Note that the support must be in the front or side front.
  3. Soft land training, in-situ training or simple sliding can be carried out on the ground with high friction such as lawn, carpet, rubber track, etc. Due to the large resistance, the endurance performance of the wheels is limited, so it is easy to balance.

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