What should I pay attention to when practicing corner sliding?

Street Roller

What do you do when you put on your roller skates for women and learn to maintain your center of gravity? That’s right, that’s what I’m going to talk about next.

  1. Straight taxiing

    1) One-legged two-legged sliding practice

    Push the inner edge of the right foot on the ground, push the center of gravity to the left leg that slides forward, push the right foot on the ground and quickly close with the left foot to slide with both feet, then do the left foot push, close together, alternately practice forward slide.

    2) Slip on the ground with one foot and slide on one foot

    The upper body leans forward, the arms hang down naturally, the feet are slightly apart, stand in a splayed figure, shift the center of gravity to the right leg, push the ground with the inner blade of the right foot, slide the left foot forward with force, and as the kicking action ends, Push the center of gravity to the left leg, the left leg is in a semi-squat to support the coasting, then retract the right leg forward, and at the same time push the left foot on the ground. Legs, repeat. Try to make the time of single foot support gradually lengthen

    During the practice, pay attention to understand the essentials of single-leg support, and pay attention to put the nose, the knee of the support leg, and the toes on the same vertical line. During the support process, it is not allowed to use the inner edge to support and slide. Beginners are advised to keep the knife holder perpendicular to the ground.
    Boy Street Skates

    3) Swing arm exercises

    Just swing your arms naturally, be careful not to swing too far.
  2. Sliding on a curve

    The characteristic of curve sliding is that due to the action of centripetal force, the body not only needs to lean forward, but also needs to be tilted to the inside of the steering. Note that the main exercise is to turn to the left. Try not to slide in the reverse direction, slow down when you reverse slide, and choose the outer ring to slide.

    1) Slide with one foot supported and the other foot on the ground continuously

    Starting from the standing position, the right foot of the kicking foot uses the inner blade to push the ground and then quickly fork with the left foot, then the right foot pushes the ground again, and the left foot continues to slide forward and outward in a curved line. Note that the steering-side foot is placed in front, and the toes of the kicking foot are placed in front of and behind the middle of the supporting foot. Then the support and kicking feet are exchanged for practice.

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