Which is easier to learn, roller skating or ice skating?

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After consulting the professional coaches in the ice world, everyone believes that skating is simpler than roller skating, the field requirements for skating are higher, the requirements for roller skating are low, the purchase cost of roller skating shoes is relatively low, social teaching resources are abundant, although roller skating is more It is popular, but it is not as popular as ice skating in large-scale events. Ice skating is more professional and international in competition than roller skating, and its development trajectory is relatively more promising.

Roller skating has many advantages: leisure, entertainment, fitness, competition, etc., which originate from more than 10 items of roller skating, each of which has its own characteristics and distinctive features. If you don’t know the classification of roller skates, you can check this article to understand “Different styles of roller skates and their playability“.

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The benefits of ice skating
1. Skating has the same stimulating effect on both hemispheres, and skating in the opposite direction has great benefits on the right brain. It can not only enhance the functions of the central nervous system, circulatory system and respiratory system and promote the normal development of various parts of the body, but also enhance cold resistance and prevent colds, colds and other diseases.
2. Strengthening strength: Ice kicking and swallow-style balance during sliding are an excellent way to exercise the strength of the lower limbs for those who drive frequently. Jumping and spinning are the tests and improvements to the control ability of the whole body.
3. Flexibility and bouncing ability: The combination of jumping, spinning, footwork and free skating has a profound effect on the flexibility and bouncing ability of the body.

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  1. Skating is a type of aerobic exercise, that is, fat is consumed after exercise, not water or sugar. Keep skating 3 to 4 times a week, preferably 30 to 60 minutes each time. Roller skating can also enhance balance and overall flexibility, especially for the waist and calf muscles. Studies have shown that rollerblading for an hour can burn 350 calories.
  2. By skating, you can eliminate stress and tension, relax your body, and fall asleep easily. Through the fun of skating, you can promote physical and mental health and happiness.

    Disadvantage of skating: not mastered the skills, easy to get injured.

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