Which material is better for the knife holder of roller skates?

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The knife holder is also called the bracket or the base. The knife holder is the name in the popular sense, and it is the structure connecting the wheel and the shoe shell.

Most knife holders feature a cutout profile that is both aesthetically pleasing and lightweight. The knife rest can be divided into a flat rest and a banana knife rest. The flat rest means that all four wheels of the same size touch the ground during the sliding process. The banana knife rest refers to the case of the same wheels, only the middle two wheels touch the ground first. Used to practice fancy moves.

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According to the material, the tool holder can be divided into engineering plastic tool holder and aluminum alloy tool holder; according to the structure, it can be divided into an integrated tool holder and a split tool holder. The one-piece aluminum alloy tool holder is divided into die-casting type and pultrusion type according to the different forming processes.
From the perspective of anti-explosion, whether it is an engineering plastic tool holder or an aluminum alloy tool holder, if it is generally not damaged by man-made or accidental damage, the sturdiness of both is relatively good, and there is basically no explosion. However, for some professional players, since the roller skates will be subject to frequent impacts, most of them use one-piece aluminum alloy tool holders or extreme engineering plastic tool holders.
In terms of stability, the one-piece tool holder is more stable than the one-piece tool holder. Generally speaking, the one-piece aluminum alloy tool holder has the best stability, followed by the one-piece engineering plastic tool holder, and then the split-type aluminum alloy tool holder.

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The length of the tool holder refers to the distance from the center of the first shaft hole of the tool holder to the center of the last shaft hole. The longer the tool holder, the better the sliding stability; the shorter the tool holder, the better the sliding flexibility. Generally, the knife holder of the flat shoes will be relatively short to increase flexibility, and the type of roller skates for women such as leisure brushing speed will choose a long knife holder to increase the stability.