Why are American skaters different?

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In the U.S., there are national double row speed skating events every year. Careful people will find a phenomenon, why the double row skating racing shoes worn by most athletes are different from those worn by athletes from other countries. Most of what American athletes wear are equipped with small brakes, and the position of the 4 wheels is biased towards the heel; while those worn by athletes from other countries are not equipped with brakes, and the position of the 4 wheels is biased towards the toes.

In the era of the World Speed ​​Skating Championships with double-row roller skates for women as racing equipment, double-row roller skating racing shoes with brakes were illegal, and the participating athletes in the United States at that time also wore front-drive double-row double-row shoes without brakes. Roller skating shoes. At the national double-row speed skating national events in the United States, they basically wear double-row roller skating racing shoes with brakes.

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So why is America so “unique”?
Through data inquiry and discussions in relevant foreign forums, the reasons are probably as follows.
1. American double row skating equipment dealers will not produce and sell racing shoes without brakes. They don’t install it that way because if there is breakage, they worry that the board manufacturer won’t honor the warranty.
2. In the U.S., few inline skaters can do true outdoor speed skating. Often they’ll be on a tennis court, basketball court, or other flat, smooth surface and do artistic type skating.

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  1. If you encounter rocks, steep hills and other types of terrain, most people in the United States think that single-row roller skates are better to pass, but few people know that front-drive dual-row racing shoes without brakes are better than brakes. The double row skates have better passability.
  2. The tradition of double row speed roller skating events in the United States is a half-kneeling run-up.

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