Why are some roller skates so expensive?

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Primary casual shoes, professional flat shoes, speed skating shoes, roller skating shoes and other commonly used integrated shoes. This is because although the upper shoe with the outer shell and the inner liner can wrap the feet, the integrated shoe can wrap the feet even more. For athletes participating in the competition, the feet control the shoes is very high and very precise, so the roller skates that are more wrapped and easier to control are of course better.

The outer shell (base) and the inner fabric are presented as a whole after processing. Among them, the outer shell is mostly made of PP material (casual shoes, mid-end roller skating shoes) and carbon fiber (middle and high-end flat shoes, speed skating shoes, roller skating shoes). The inside is made of sponge, mesh, microfiber and other materials.

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The integrated shoes of leisure roller skates focus more on comfort, and the integrated shoes of professional shoes pay more attention to the fit and control of the feet. The characteristic of the one-piece shoe is that it is not easy to clean. If the inside is worn out, it needs to be replaced with a new shoe.
The upper shoes are wrapped around the feet, and after wearing, the feet need to be fixed in the shoes. Therefore, a lot of spare parts are needed to put on shoes, such as Velcro, shoelaces, and buckles used to fasten the shoes. There are also shock pads for shock absorption. There are also anti-abrasion pads used to prevent the outside of the shoe from rubbing the ground, which are common.
In layman’s terms, it is to replace or partially replace the shoelace with a steel wire knob buckle, which is more convenient, and the adjustment of the tightness is also more subtle. This kind of lacing system is used in many helmets and snowshoes. This is not a new technology. This kind of accessories and technology has been applied to speed skating shoes in the field of roller skating for a long time, but it has not been applied to speed skating shoes due to some reasons. on flat shoes. But now flat shoes also have this new accessory.

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A pair of roller skates is finished. In addition to our common roller skates for women, there are also some special roller skates that will have special compositions and will not be discussed in detail here. With so many accessories on a pair of shoes, which ones are more important? “Important” and “unimportant” are actually relative and vary from person to person.

For ordinary players, the more important things are: the fit, comfort and support of the upper shoes, the wheels have a certain elasticity, the bearing rotation has no blocking feeling, and the knife holder achieves the lowest strength and stability.

For athletes who participate in competitions or achieve professionalism, they will pay attention to every detail of the roller skates, so that they can achieve the best performance. This is why there are: roller skates costing tens of thousands of dollars, knife holders costing thousands of dollars, and wheels and bearings costing thousands of dollars.

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