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Learning roller skating can improve children’s body balance, coordination, flexibility, physical fitness and endurance, and at the same time cultivate children’s willpower quality that is not afraid of hardship and fatigue. Unhealthy problems, such as restlessness, inability to concentrate in learning, impatience, excessive quietness, timidity, lack of desire to express, etc.

Now, most kindergartens incorporate sensory integration training into their daily teaching.

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Sensory integration is the basis for the development of various abilities in children. The results of children’s acceptance, processing, combination, and application of various sensory stimuli will affect children’s posture and movement ability, cognitive learning ability, communication and emotion regulation ability, attention and impulsive behavior control. Therefore, when children exhibit inappropriate behaviors, such as being unable to sit still, crying easily, being overly partial or picky eaters, it may be the result of children’s poor development of sensory integration.
Practicing roller skating is a sensory integration process. When you put on your roller skates and start sliding, you receive information from various sensory channels. Your haptic system tells you that your feet are in roller skates; your proprioceptive sense tells you where your muscles and joints are; your vestibular sense tells you that you have lost your center of gravity and that you are in a moving state; Your vision system determines how far you are from the end of the field.
Roller skating sensory integration training can not only exercise physical muscles, but also enhance children’s senses of hearing, vision, taste, smell, touch and other sensory abilities, so that the brain can respond to things in a short period of time and improve the ability of sensory integration.

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The training of the club adopts the principle of gradual and steady progress. The amateur level is divided into three levels:

Enlightenment primary class: receive systematic training, adopts sensory integration training, focusing on the sensory integration disorder that occurs in children today. Starting with proprioceptive training, it provides professional measurement and targeted and unique training. After each level of training After that, the head coach will personally assess and pass the training before entering the next level of training.

Intermediate class and professional class: receive a full range of training, including land training, theoretical learning and other content, the coaches all conduct standardized and standardized training according to the roller skating and skating level test outlines.

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