Why is roller skating so popular?

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Roller skating is a nutrient for children’s physical fitness. Roller skating enhances the movement of lower limbs. A pair of roller skating shoes has a weight of 2-3 pounds, just like tying sandbags on children’s feet for weight-bearing exercises. After a period of time, obvious effects were shown: the children of the roller skating team showed lightness, patience, strong explosiveness, and faster speed than children of the same age in jumping, balancing, and running. At the same time, their reaction ability, Sensitivity is also enhanced. The increase in the amount of exercise is bound to increase the appetite of young children and improve the quality of sleep. The data at the end of the period physical examination shows that their height and weight growth rate has a greater advantage than that of their peers. Some parents also responded: the child can go up to the 5th and 6th floor for a few times now, no longer screaming tired, less chance of catching a cold, and the old sick cat has become a strong little tiger.

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Of course, what we want to tell you is that high-quality roller skates can bring you a strong stimulating experience, while inferior roller skates not only give you a bad feeling, but also easily hurt you and your children.
Conducive to correcting bad walking posture At the same starting point, roller skating shows great individual differences. Take the initial stage as an example: some people can still dash forward a few steps while standing, while others can only lean back. why is that? After observation, it was found that it has an inevitable connection with the poor walking style of children in normal times (inner squat, heel first, single-leg force, etc.). After roller skating exercise, we were surprised to find that children’s bad walking habits have changed a lot, and roller skating has become a feasible form of correcting bad walking posture unconsciously.

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Other benefits of roller skating for children 1. Like swimming, it is a low-impact, whole-body aerobic exercise. Roller skating is an easy and fun activity that can be carried out for a long time, which is good for physical health. 2. Improve balance and concentration, roller skating can promote the coordination of large and small muscles. 3. Falling is also an “exercise” for children who are learning roller skating because children who play roller skating will not regard falling as a failure, and falling down is a necessary process for every roller skating beginner. Instead, they will rush to get up and continue Between “playing, falling” and “getting up”, children will gradually develop resistance to “failures”, and they will not have much gain or loss in winning or losing various competitions in the future. This is the most important thing that roller skating gives children. good life education. 4. It can improve cardiopulmonary function. Compared with jogging, swimming, cycling and other activities, roller skating can improve the body’s ability to absorb oxygen and reduce cardiovascular disease. 5. It can effectively control the weight, the calories consumed by roller skating and jogging are almost equal, and the body sculpting effect can be achieved. 6. It can be used as a kind of rehabilitation program. The impact of roller skating on joints is only half of that of jogging. 7. Learning roller skating can improve children’s physical fitness, and help to cultivate children’s endurance, the spirit of not afraid of hardship and fatigue, and self-confidence. heart, and give children more opportunities to participate in the display.

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